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Ashton Kutcher
After 35 years of hair-flipping, punking, and furious tweeting, Ashton Kutcher has made a decision to feed his collected understanding onto generation x

His large speech came finally night’s Teen Choice Honours, which honored That ’70s Show‘s ex-star with something referred to as best option prize - a badge Kutcher characterizes as “the some guy award.” (Past visitors Justin Timberlake, Britney Warrior warrior spears, and Taylor Quick might believe otherwise - but 35 is similar to 350 in Hollywood years, so.)

Maybe entering what's two and a half Men‘s final several weeks are earning them feel introspective maybe he’s still pointing Jobs.

Biggest, Kutcher needed this opportunity first later on clean about something that’s been which makes them “feel as being a fraud” in the last 16 years - “Ashton is my middle title. My first name’s Chris.” GASP!! - then to discuss three important things he learned as he had been known to as Chris.

“The first factor is about chance,” Kutcher began. The second factor is about being sexy.” [Pause for squeals] “And the next factor is about living existence.”

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